Gauri Gandhi Bhatia

Pranic Healer & Instructor

Gauri's journey and discovery of Pranic Healing

Gauri Gandhi Bhatia has a background in Commerce and Accounting and led the role of a homemaker focusing on raising and educating her 2 daughters in Dubai. Over the years, she developed a chronic lower backache which apart from being painful and leading to several hospital visits was affecting her physical, emotional and mental well-being. She continued to suffer for a long span of 15 years from not only chronic back ache with disk herniation and Sciatica pain but also from Cervical Spondylosis, severe headaches, jaw lock due to Trans-meridian joint pain, PCOD, Acidity and Acid Reflux.
Her introduction to Pranic healing came about in summer of 2014 when she had to travel to Mumbai from Dubai on a wheelchair as an emergency and last resort attempt to consider back surgery. The surgeon suggested alternative modalities of healing to be considered instead of a risky back surgery. Fate led her to be introduced to a healer based in Dubai who healed her through distance healing (she being in Mumbai and healer based in Dubai) . This intrigued her curiosity on Pranic healing and distance healing which motivated her to learn the modality. Her driving goal was to heal herself first and then to help others discover the wonderful world of Pranic healing.
Her journey since 2014 has led her to set up Unicorn Vibrations which embodies the healing and energy vibrations of Pranic Healing . Her life is dedicated to bringing good health. good emotional, mental , spiritual and financial well-being to humanity. She can also be consulted on Feng Shui and to help individuals set the road-map to achieving their dreams and aspirations.