Dr Vandana. G

CEO & Founder, British Orchard Nursery, Dubai

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the pranic healing workshop conducted by Gauri. The basic course though being simple is quite powerful. Gauri is  a brilliant trainer and a very effective and a compassionate healer. I would definitely recommend to attend her workshop and healing sessions."


Executive Director, IFH Worldwide

"Gauri initiated me into the world of Pranic Healing in January 2019 and it started my wonderful journey of healing. Not only does Gauri take you through the course content but she also makes sure that each and everyone participant gets time and addresses their issues personally. This makes her a great trainer as one comes out of the session motivated and gets the feeling of personal achievement. In my case this was so impactful that I went all the way to AY in a span of less than 6 months. She ensures that at the end of the session everyone is clear with the concepts and follows up regularly to make sure that everyone’s queries are addressed and they are practicing what they have learned. It’s been a pleasure learning basics of Pranic Healing with her and am sure she will go a long way in helping others with her trainings and practice sessions ."

Alka Tandon

(New Delhi)

"December 2015, Doctors had suggested a surgery as i had Gall Bladder sludge. After taking couple of healing sessions with Gauri Bhatia, My reports in February 2016 were totally clear and i did not need a surgery.
Along side with the sludge, I had PCOD and severe acidity. I was on antacids which caused increase in Proclatin which in turn led to Breast secretion. After healing sessions, as it balances the chakras, my acidity had gone away which in turn helped me to stop my antacids which stopped my breast Secretion.
Overall my Health has improved and I definitely recommend Healing for overall Physical, Mental and Emotional Health."

Sandra Ghosn


"I had a fulfilling experience during the Basic Pranic Healing Course and it has opened my curiosity to learn more. My objective is to complete the other levels and to learn more about this fascinating world. Gauri's passion and way of communicating was done with patience and love for a work well done. She wanted to make sure i understand the content of the course and tested my knowledge with a few set of questions at the end of each topic.
I also had plenty of time to practice and feel what was taught. Once back home, i could even ask some questions to Gauri and she immediately came back to me with some sweet answers. Gauri even organised an extra session for us to practice with her what was taught and discuss during the 2 days course.
I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to learn about how Pranic Healing can be used in everyday life to solve all sorts of challenges, whether physical, emotional or psychological. I will for sure stay in touch with this amazing person. I have much to learn."



"Pranic Healing has completely changed my life - both physically and mentally. Before, I used to be someone who would have quite a chaotic routine with late night working hours, unhealthy eating habits. Being an individual with PCOS, I also struggled with weight loss despite of attempting several fad diets and exercises. In other words, my will power was not strong enough to change my lifestyle. After receiving healing sessions, I have started seeing immense change in my behavior and also my body. I have become stronger in terms of will power - I am able to say NO to myself when I am in the path of doing something I shouldnt be. I have lost about 4 kgs but in terms of inches, I have lost a LOT - which matters the most as it has helped me build my confidence. I highly recommend getting these sessions as it is a good kick starter for someone who needs that extra nudge to achieve their goals!"



"I would like to thank Gauri for her help and knowledge that encouraged me to overcome my ill health and ailments after I gave birth to my baby. During and after each session, I felt my health was getting better and I perceived my body and the universe in a very peaceful and positive way, Today I’m better minded and better and human being with a positive outlook and I’m looking forward to keep practicing Pranic Healing and meditations."